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Camps d'Estels, Cava

Our first cases!

Our first cases!

Cava, the alchemy of light and dark

D.O. Cava

Cava is a sparkling wine with a long history and a growing worldwide reputation. Using the traditional method of a second fermentation in the bottle, we produce our Cava Camps d'Estels in the key region for the production of this sparkling wine, the Penedès. This Mediterranean region has a wide range of climates and soil types, with the best for good quality white grapes being those with excellent drainage.

The vineyard: Campos de Estrellas is made from the grapes grown on a single estate in the Penedès, close to Barcelona. Just 10km from the sea, these 45 hectares have a silicate sandy soil which enhances acidity and has great drainage.

The grape varieties: We use the three traditional Cava grapes for our Cava. Macabeu and Xarel•lo dominate, with a smaller proportion of Parellada. The vines are mostly between 30 and 50 years old, the older ones pruned as bushvines, the  newer plantations are trellised.

The wines:  There are two wines available. The Brut has some 9g of dosage, adding a touch of sweetness to balance the acidity. In the Brut Nature, the acidity is more to the fore and the yeastiness from the ageing is more outstanding.

The range is currently: Camps d'Estels Brut and Camps d'Estels Brut Nature.

Commercial presentation - "Camps d'Estels, Cava" (pdf: 385 KB)

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Campos de Estrellas in Spring
Campos de Estrellas in Spring

Cava has been looked down upon as the 'poor relation' to Champagne for many years, but in the right soils and with good hands in the winery, there is no reason why it cannot produce an excellent wine which is every bit as enjoyable as a bottle that costs much much more.

Camps d'Estels range

Camps d'Estels range

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